Garn's graduation

Congratulations to Dr. Bunyatratchata!

The Barile Lab is ecstatic to announce the graduation of Dr. Apichaya Bunyatratchata (Garn) who has earned her PhD in Food Science! Garn joined our lab in Fall 2014 and submitted her dissertation entitled “Prebiotics in early life nutrition: a qualitative and quantitative investigation of gut microbiome-promoting compounds in liquid formulations for infants and calves.”

Upon reflecting on her time in the Barile Lab, Garn highlights her breakthrough in the quantification of polydextrose in infant formula as her favorite moment of her PhD research. After a long and challenging collaborative effort, Garn solved the problem of polydextrose coelution to enable quantification with an HPAE Dionex and completion of the project.

Garn has accepted a position as an Assistant Professor at Mahasarakham University in Thailand where she will run her own lab. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Garn. While we are sad to see her go, we know she will achieve great things in her new position!

Video of Garn's graduation: Commencement Ceremony

Garn's Exit Seminar
Garn's exit seminar
Garn's dionex discovery
Garn with her polydextrose chromatogram