How we can further your research

Each dairy product and co-product has numerous potential uses and valorization strategies. Whey permeate, a co-product from whey protein production, is an excellent example of this. We have extensively studied whey permeate to unlock its hidden value in multiple commercial sectors. We want to help you discover your material's true potential.

Whey permeate infographic


Whether you are interested in applying established dairy techniques to your material or want to investigate novel uses of our research and equipment, we are excited to discuss all possibilities! Our relationship with every company is slightly different, however we typically follow the work-flow relationship illustrated below:

MPL infographic


We can help you answer a wide range of your research questions using our state-of-the-art Milk Processing Lab and our abundant experience. Below is an example (optimization of thermal processing conditions for dairy, juice, and other fluids) of how we can deliver results and answers to your research questions:

Thermal Processing Flow Chart


If you would like to learn more about partnering with us or have any questions, please contact Bruna Paviani: