Experience, expertise, and analytical capacity

Expertise and experience:

As the Barile lab, we have authored more than 125 peer reviewed journal articles and other publications on our glycomics and proteomics research, which have been cited over 4,500 times. As a world leader of glycomics and proteomics in food science research, the Barile lab has presented at numerous domestic and international conferences and has received an abundance of awards and grants. The Barile lab has also been featured in a recent documentary as well as in company and professional society publications and webinars. To spread our knowledge and help the food industry, we partner with companies of all sizes to analyze inputs and products to deliver crucial glycomics and proteomics information and insight.

Analytical capacity:

With extensive research over many years, we have developed specialized protocols to isolate and analyze glycans and proteins from a wide variety of plant and animal samples. The Barile lab maintains an impressive fleet of analytical equipment including two Dionex HPAE-PAD machines, a MALDI ToF mass spectrometer, a Nano LC Chip QToF mass spectrometer, and a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer (coming soon). This unique combination glycomics and proteomics expertise and extensive analytical platform enables the Barile lab to successfully work with companies to answer critical industry questions and analyze commercial samples.