Barile Lab featured on CBS News

CBS 13 News interviewed Professor Daniela Barile and her graduate student Amanda Sinrod on the Barile and Wang Labs’ work to transform wine waste products into functional food ingredients. The news segment aired across the country as part of the morning news on May 5, 2021. “Wine Waste: The New Superfood?” by Velena Jones can be accessed on the CBS 13 website.

The Barile and Wang Labs at UC Davis recently published a paper in LWT-Food Science and Technology identifying the potentially bioactive phenolic compounds and oligosaccharides in chardonnay marc along with its gross composition, the first report of its kind. Barile and Sinrod expound upon this study in the CBS 13 report describing the potential value of harnessing phenolics and oligosaccharides in grape marc to help alleviate diseases related to gut health. While much more research is needed, the Barile and Wang Labs are well on their way to giving wine grapes a second life.