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Housed in the Department of Food Science across a courtyard from the laboratory of Dr. Barile, this new facility allows for innovative ways to conduct collaborative and multi-disciplinary dairy food science research.

The new 800-square-foot laboratory is designed for the development of fractionation and recovery of milk bioactive components.

Current equipment includes:

•    One Raw Milk Processing System (Sprinkman Corp.)
•    One cream separator (GEA Westfalia)
•    One system for milk pasteurization/UHT/sterilization (flexible holding times/temperatures)  (Microthermics)
•    One homogenizer (GEA Niro Soavi)
•    One HEPA filtered sterile air filling hood for aseptical packaging
•    One GEA Filtration Model L Membrane Pilot Plant (capable of microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis) with       flowmeter

•    One lab-scale filtration system for the process and recovery of milk glycans (SmartFlow Technologies)
•    One MICROFLEXL Reflectron Time of Flight (ToF) mass spectrometer from Bruker;
•    One Delta Fourier Transform-InfraRed MilkoScope (Delta Instruments)

Power supplies is 110/208/480 V (single & three-phase) is supplied by eight utility stations, with steam, chilled and RD water and an isolated drainage system. HEPA filtration provides control of air purity. This equipment is certified by the Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories

These and other specifications are required to produce food grade materials for clinical trials. The facility also features 300 ft² of ambient equipment storage outside the lab for pretreatment of larger volumes of raw materials. The purpose of the facility is to help realize the full potential of dairy foods teaching, research and outreach at UC Davis.

To see pictures of all the equipment: